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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dark Horizon - When The Day Has Come Chords

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simple lang chords nito pang beginners ang chordings nito basta tama lang ang stramming...

Intro: F—Em—A—E—G—D—Em—D

 E               G             D/Em
Time has come me must not stay away
  Em                 A             E
Don't leave us now we mustn't fall away
 A          Em                   A
To the skies to whenever must to pay
  G                   D            Em   D
Day has come we never the moments pass

D        A
It will made it to the day
Em           D
So we make it new
Em                 A         
For us not to get away 
E                     F                      
take this chance and stay

Em        A       Em                  G  
When the day has come, we never fall away 
   G                   Em
Let it to the end of eternity
     A             Em               G                    
Never has come to grant it, to make it last
Em             A         F           A            
When the day has come, we fall to it now
A            E             G                   
To this day to whenever it may come

Verse II:
  F                        Em
It will last the day will fall(2x)
           D                          E
take the chance you must take never forget it
     Em                    F
It is the pladge you must take...