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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dead Silent - Let Go Chords

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Verse 1

D         A                    F       D                          A
Here I am all alone I need to get out all my friends are on the phone
              F          D                         A              F
 say never think about all the stuff that she did to try and get you mad
      D                 A            F
and take away all the stuff that you once had


Em                              D     Em                             D
She went and took him away from you he also wanted a change somethin new
Em                         D            Em                     D
I don't know what else to say but that you've got to move on you've got to 

move on 

Verse 2

There they are together sitting sise by side just like I'm not even her it's like
I could've died they don't even care they don't think I know but now I'm starting
to think I need to let go  whoa

Repeat chorus

G                          Em             C               D                 
I don't believe that they didn't tell me they could have let me know
G                         Em             C                            D
that they just wanted a change in friendship and now I'm stuck here having 
to let gooooooooooo

Chorus 2x
Em                    D                    Em                   D
You've gotta let go  you've gotta let go  you've gotta let go  you've  
gotta  let goooooooo oh