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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dear Juliet - Turn Back The Time Chords

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standard tuning

|——0—————— Palm Mute x3

repeat throughout the verses 

(listen to the song for the strumming patterns)

(right before the chorus)



Do you know how much you meant to me?
Oh no
Do you know I still carry the memories?
Oh no
Did you know that for me letting go wasn't easy?
Oh no, no you don't

Do you still listen to our lullaby?
Oh no
Does it help you get to sleep at night?
Oh no
Are you singing along by the pale moonlight?
Oh no, no you don't

I just need a bit more time
To get you off my mind tonight
I'm thinking of your bright blues eyes,
Brighter than the stars that lit the skies,
An angel in disguise

I just need a bit more time
I wanna hold you in my arms tonight
I can't forget those bright blue eyes,
Can't forget the moment they met mine
Please turn back the time.