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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dee Clark - Raindrops Chords

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Raindrops:Dee Clark
# 2 in 1961.

    Eb  Cm    Ab  Fm7     Eb  Cm
The raindrops.....so many raindrops,
   Fm7        Eb     Cm     Ab
It feels like rai—aindrops,
G7              Cm        Cm              Eb
Falling from my eye—eyes..falling from my eyes.

Eb       Fm7      Eb   Cm  Fm7             Cm Ab
Since my love has left me, I'm so all alone.
Fm7               Eb      Cm
I would bring her back to me,
Ab          G7               Cm
But I don't know where she's go—o—o—ne,
Cm                       Eb
I don't know where she's gone.

Eb7   Ab                    Gm
There must be a cloud in my he..ad,
Fm                         Eb
Rain keeps falling from my eye—eyes.
    G                 Cm
Oh, no, they can't be teardrops,
      F7                    Bb7  Fm7 Bb7 Fm7
For a man ain't supposed to cry.

Bb7           Eb     Cm    Ab  Fm7     Eb  Cm    Ab
So it must be rai—aindrops.....so many raindrops.
   Fm7        Eb  Cm   Ab  G7              Cm             
It feels like raindrops....falling from my eye—eyes,
Cm              Eb
Falling from my eyes.


Cm          Eb
It keeps on fallin'..
Cm              Eb
Fallin' from my eyes..
Cm          G7              Cm
It keeps on fallin..from my eyes....

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.