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Misc Unsigned Bands — Del Vikings - Come Go With Me Chords

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Come Go With Me:Dell Vikings:
Top of the charts in 1957.


G             Em7
Love, love me darlin',
Am7      D7
Come and go with me,
G            Em7
Please don't send me,
Am7    D7
'way beyond the sea.
G           Em7
I need you, darlin'
Am7        D7   G C G
So come go with me.

#2. ***(same chords as #1.)

Come, come, come, come,

Come into my heart.

Tell me, darlin',

We will never part.

I need you, darlin',

So come go with me.


Yes, I need you,

Yes, I really need you.
G                             G7
Please say you'll never leave me.
Well, say, you never,

Yes, you really never,
You never give me a chance...




ADD:  Come on go with me (x3)

A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.