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Misc Unsigned Bands — Denbigh Cherry - Thank You Lord For Loving Me Chords

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Capo II (key of A)

Intro:  G/B  C   G   D/F#    (x2)
G/B               C          G             D/F#
Polished and pure am I in Your eyes
                G/B             C          G                     D/F#
The most treasured of jewels, worth greatest price
             G/B              C         G             D/F#
Of You sending Your Son to die in my place
G/B          C                  G               D/F#
Making a bridge out of mercy and grace

G                C           D/F#   G
Thank You, Lord for loving me
G/B            C            D/F#   G
Thank You, Lord for loving me
Em         D/F#        C  G/B  Am
I am not worthy of anything
G                     D/F#   G    
Thank You for loving me

G/B                   C             D/F#        G
      It's by Your goodness, no, Your greatness
G/B                        C       D/F#    G
     That You would be so kind to save us
G/B             C                        D/F#     A
     You had more than just a plan to make us
           C                                D/F#
Oh, to know You Lord, is what I live for

words & music by denbigh cherry (c)2006