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Misc Unsigned Bands — Derek Cate - Notice Me Chords

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Derek Cate's Notice Me!  Search up his video on youtube.com!

Chords used: 
Cadd9 x32033
G     320033
Em7   022033
Dsus2 xx0233
Dsus  xx0230

intro: Cadd9 (D, DUDUDU) same strumming throughout whole song...
G, Em7, Dsus2   2x

verse 1: You seem to lost your way  (quietly)
You seem to move on easy
You seem to lock the door, as if i dont mean a thing

Pre Chorus: (little louder)
and it hurts to know, im all alone and
you dont mind you dont mind, and im a memory now

Cadd9 (1 strum)

Chorus: (louder)
And I am looking for you, I have lost what I've found
I am waiting for you to turn around and
Notice Me, im right here wont yu notice me
standing here, Oooh yeah, yea yea

Cadd9, G, Em7, Dsus2 (continue same strumming)

verse 2: (quiet again)
I'm loosing sight of you
I'm loosing all I've ever known
I'm losing my mind
trying to let yu go

Pre Chorus: And I know its been a rough road
and it ends rigth here ya right here
still its hard for me now

hold Cadd9 chord

Chorus: (loud)
cause i am looking fro you
i have lost what i've found
i am waiting for you to turn around and
Notice Me, im right here, wont you
Notice Me standing here, oh whoa, yeah

bridge: (start quiet and get louder)
Notice Me
standing here
waiting on yuo my dear
cant you see that im here
looking for you and baby
wont you turn around and notice me
standing right here I'm right here
now baby I'm cryin' out, oh whoa, BABY

Cadd9 G Em7 Dsus2 VERY LOUD

BABY  Cadd9 G Em7 Dsus2

Ooooo yeah (quiet)

Ooooh Ooooh

G  DDU   Em7 Down strum  Dsus2 Down strum
Dsus (slide up to 4th frt. / slide back)
Cadd9 one last down strum

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