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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dewey Cox - Dear Mr President Chords

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Dewey Cox — Dear Mr. President

Capo on 1st

G         Em          C           D
Dear Mr. President, I want you to know,
     G           Em   C          D
I am deeper than you, listen and learn,
   G          Em         C         D
My heart is a chapel, my head is a steeple,
   G            Em              C          G
My arms are the people, and the people now yearn.

  G             Em        C             D
I stand for the midget, I stand for the negro,
  G             Em         C            D
I stand for the injun, all hopped up on booze,
  G             Em         C             D
I stand for the jap, and I stand for the beaner,
  G            Em          C              G
I stand, yes I do, for the christ—killin' jew.

      G             Em          C             D
And I stand for the dyke, and I stand for the retard,
  G             Em        C          D
I stand for the chinaman, washing my socks,
  G             Em           C             D
I stand for the bum, and the pimp, and the bugger,
        G            Em           C           G
And the cripple that lives, on my street in a box.

   G             Em             C          D
To conclude, Mr. President, I'm not at all hesitant,
   G          Em         C               D
To tell you I think, the first ladie's a fox,
    G            Em            C         D
Her husband, the jerk off, has ruined my country,
       G       Em        C          G
That's all for today, sincerely, D. Cox.

Tabbed by Icarus Tyler