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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dewey Cox And The Walk Harders - Walk Hard Chords

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This is chords for the song "Walk Hard" from the movie "Walk Hard— The Dewey Cox Story.

Bm D G A

  Bm         D         G          A
Walk Hard, hard down lifes rocky road
  Bm         D          G        A
Walk Bold, hard At My creed my coal
 D                                 G    D   
I been swarn and slandered and redicued to
    C                    Bm       C 
Suffered everyday my whole life through
  D                              G        D
Had my Share of the worse this world can give
 F#5                      F#5           F#5
But I Still got a dream and a burning rage to live
 Bm             D         G             A
Walk Hard, hard when they say your all done
 Bm          D          G                A
Walk Bold, hard though they say your not the one
 D                              G     D
Even if you been told time and time again
 C                                    Bm       C
That your always gonna lose and your neva gonna win
 D                          G         D
Gotta keep that vision in your minds eye
 F#5                 F#5           F#5
When your standin on top of a mountain high

GUITAR SOLO— Same as Intro
 D                     G                   A
You Know when i was a boy, people used to say to me

"Slow down Dewey, Dont Walk so hard"
And I used to tell them "I Walk As Damn Hard As I Please!"

how do I walk Boys?
 D                           G    D
When I meet my maker on my dying day
 C                           Bm       C
Gonna look him in the eye by God I'll say
 D                      G        D
I gave my word, and my word was good
 F#5                   F#5           F#5
I took it in the face, and I walked as hard as i could
Walk Hard
Walk Hard
Walk Hard

(in scilence— Walk Hard)

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