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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dhan - A Love Like No Other Chords

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i wrote this song just for you
hear my voice calling for you
your smile, those wonderful eyes
i can't deny, you got me mesmerized

our love will keep us together
my crimson heart is yours
as night embrace this thing called sky
it's you and me, plus I.L.Y

words are spoken laughters are heard
i remember things we shared
don't worry, i will be here
and promise, kate i love you

your kiss is unlike any other
it's a love like no other
so just stay right by my side
just let our hearts collide

so kiss me, hug me, cuddle me, and love me
and i'll hold you tight and never ever ever let go

Repeat Chorus

Note: same chords on chorus part, just convert it to powerchords