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Misc Unsigned Bands — Disaster Movie - Im Dating Matt Damon Chords

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THis is the ending song in the rated version of Disaster Movie. The words may not be

Intro: (Strumming)G G C C G G CC

I'm Dating Matt Damon
Well I'm Dating Hannah Montana
She's dating Hannah Montana!
Backstage at my concerts turns my up my parent's bed
After school at locker in the car give it up!
I'm also dating the flava!

Yea boy she's datin' flava flav beau.
Ya know what time it is because I'm dating Juney too!
Yeah I know, but it's true flava flavi dates me, too.
And I swapped with Calvin and he swapped with that dude.
And we're all dating hellboy

Oh yeeeeeah!!!
They are dating dating hellboy and I'm dating the Hulk.
G                             C
When I get really mad I start dating Iron Man.
Might sound wrong but it's true and I date the princess too.

Who's that ringing on my bell?
The chick who's dating Iron Man
That's I—R—O—N M—A—N
(And I like his tin can)
That's really great cause I'm dating Wolf.

Datin the wolf ai'nt that a pity
cause I'm dating them bras from Sex and the city!

G(strum and let ring)
He dates the Sex and the City gals.
So then I wondered. Would Wolf really get jealous if he found out we were dating that 
with the big utility belt?

They're all dating Batman.
At my mannor in the Batcave Butler Alford is our lifeslave.
For the world's largest bathhouse
I'm also dating Amy Winehouse?

He's dating Amy Winehouse
On the down—low—low—low
I'm dating Jessica Simpson
Cause that's how I roll roll roll

She's dating Jessica Simpson!
Oh yeah!
And I think I might have dated that hot assasin!
Lots of people date me and I date them back to see.
And the Mexican too
With the tragic hairdo.
Call it, tails, I'm dating JT.

I'm dating that male model cause he's so fine.
C                       G
And I like to get up in them Calvin Kleins
It's true JT dates me once again.
C                          G
And I'm also dating Prince Caspian
I am handsome and I am cool.
That's why this prince dates those kids in High School!

In the bleachers in the showers while we're dating for gym class
C                                 G
I'm dating Oprah I'm datin' Obama I'm datin' Indiana's a——

Dating Indiana and I'm dating Hancock.
Dating Hancock and I'm dating Beowulf.
You know you like it and I'm dating Kung Fu Panda
I'm not dating Michael Jackson!

Don't choke me
I like my animals who sing!

Oh yea he's dating the chipmunks!
It's sounds wrong but it's true.
And the chipmunks date YOU!