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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dl Anderson - Rolling Stone Chords

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A Amaj7
C#m A 
Dmaj9 A

C#m7 F#
Gm6 Amaj7 A

A       Amaj7    C#m    C#m7     Dmaj9    E        F#      Gm6
x0x655  5x6655   x46654 x46454   x5465x   x79997   244322  3x233x

Verse 1
When I'm not home
and you're all alone
please try to remember
that I love you...
and I'm out here 
for the two of us
so we can do the
things we want to

These days it's hard
being away from you 
but I choose to believe
what else could I do?

Verse 2
Being a rolling stone
is no fun, trust me
and I hate so much
that I have to be
but I'll be home soon
just wait a little more
before the sun comes up 
I'll be knocking on the door