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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dobie Gray - The In Crowd65 Chords

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The In Crowd:Dobie Gray.
#13 in 1965.

G                       F G
I'm in with the in crowd..
G                       F   G
I go where the in crowd goes.
G                       F G
I'm in with the in crowd..
G                                                C
and I know what the in crowd knows. (How to have fun.)
C                                                  G
Any time of the year, don't you hear? (How to have fun.)
Dressin' fine, makin' time.
We breeze up and down the street..
We get respect from the people we meet.
They make way day or night..
D                             E  F
They know the in crowd is out of sight.

F G (x3)

G                        F G  G                        F G
I'm in with the in crowd......I know every latest dance.
G                                F G
When you're in with the in crowd,
G                                         C
It's so easy to find romance..And we work out..
at a spot where the beat's really hot,..and we work out.

If it's square, we ain't there.
We make every minute count..
Our share is always the biggest amount.
A                      D                         E   F
Other guys imitate us, but the original is still the greatest.

G          F          G             F G
We got our own way of walkin', yeah.
G          F          G                   C
We got our own way of talkin'..gotta have fun.
C                                                G
Any time of the year, don't you hear..gotta have fun..
Spendin' cash, talkin' trash.
Girl, I'll show you a real good time..
come on with me and leave your troubles behind.
A                            D
I don't care where you been, you ain't been nowhere
        E    F            G                   F  G
til you been in..with the In Crowd...with The In Crowd..
    F        G F G
the In Crowd....

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.