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Misc Unsigned Bands — Donavan Frankenreiter - Heading Home Chords

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Intro: E—A


          E                A             E          A
Try to sell something that just can't be bought. 
              E                             A              E        A
Said it's the latest and the greatest but I know that it's not.
        E                   A             E       A
Try to be somebody that you don't want to be.  
               E                A                E        A
Didn't even exist last year and now it's what we need.

       B7          A7           
Oh not me, oh not me, I'm heading home. Back to verse.

That's how the whole song goes I just don't want to write in all the lyrics.  
However the lyrics in the chorus are altered slightly after the third verse but 
that's something I'll leave up to you.  Simple fun tune to play.