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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dont Fence Me In - Cole Porter Chords

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"Don't Fence Me In" — Cole Porter
[Chords by Joan's Genius 2008}

This is my most favorite song. The chords below are based on my 2 favorite covers of this:
(1) a very slow & quiet blues rendition by Holly Cole &
(2) a very fast & lively cajun version by David Byrne.

E      E7	A
Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
Don't fence me in
Let me ride through the wide—open country that I love
E      E7       A
Don't fence me in

A	     A7
Oh let me be by myself in the evening breeze
D	     Dm
Listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
A            A7
Send me off forever, but I ask you, please
E	E7	A
Don't fence me in

A7               D
   Just let me loose
          Dm                                 A
Let me straddle my old saddle underneath the western skies
A7               D
   On my cayuse
          Dm                                 A
Let me wonder over yonder till I see the mountains rise

E      E7     A                             A7
  I want to ride to the ridge where the West commences
D          			Dm
Gaze at the moon until I lose my senses
A	  A7		   D	  Dm
Can't look at hobbles & I can't stand fences
E      E7 	A
Don't fence me in.