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Misc Unsigned Bands — Duster - Automatrimonia Chords

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Title        :  Automatrimonia
Artist       :	Duster
Album        :  Sweetheart Snack Bar

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 Em                 G      D  C
Dressed in lace, soft and white

 Em             G          D—C
All made up, splendid and bright

 Em                 G    D—C
Yellow, flowers, golden ring

  Em                 G
Center of joy is just one thing

  Em                G           D—C
Imaginary limo, the ride of your life

 Em                G        D—C
In her mind the bells ring bright

 Em                G     D—C   Em     G    D—C     
Scent of love in full bloom, Empty, absent groom

 Em             G         D—Am
I'm getting married to myself,

(Do CP: Em—G—D—C (Am) )
Girl in mirror floating in dust
Slowly dissolving in a mist of lust
Shattered pictures on a broken shelf
Say's "I do" to no one but herself


/   RoCk En RoLL   \