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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dwight Liles - Living Sacrifice Chords

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Title: Living Sacrifice

Artist: Dwight Liles

Chords By: Valera, Charlie Edsel

Intro: Em—E7—Asus—A7

    D             A D A
Take my life a living sacrifice
       G               A    D     A
knowing its the least that i can do
 D   A     D   A7
make my life a living sacrifice
G      A        D  A7
holy & acceptable to you

     D          F#m     G D
I look upon my life and realize @ last
   Em        A      F#sus    F#
with in myself theres nothing I Can do
           Bm     G   A    D
And yet here i stand to offer all I am
    Em     E7     A7sus—A7
To give myself completely, Lord to you


Verse: Do CP
i cannot be contented until i reach that place
little life to give enough to give
Lord break down my will, make my desire your own
I long to give my everything to you   (Ref)