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Misc Unsigned Bands — El Pacino And His Lil Friends - Wasted Time Working Title Chords

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This song is a work in progress, just posting it here so I have a place I can edit it
If you DO happen to stumble on this and try it out, any suggestions to the chord
or the lyrics would be much appreciated. I consider this a Intermediate song only 
it is all bar chords.
I only have the first verse so far... Sorry :(
Intro is set chords. Strum down once, then pluck any string, I prefer to end on the D
before I progress to the next chord, but any string works.
ANY x Gm, F
Gm                      F
Oh these time, they are changing
And my time, that I am wasting
Time time time, time time time and again
You see me, and you try to pretend
Cm7                       Gm                  F7          Gm
That that you are feeling down, but it's the other way around
Cm7, Bb, F—Gm (slide)