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Misc Unsigned Bands — Engelbert Humperdinck - After The Lovin Chords

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After The Lovin':Engelbert Humperdinck.
#8 in 1976.

#1.(The key is from a live performance video
    and is different from the original recording.
    Someone asked for a fairly easy version..so this is it.)
C7   F                 Dm7
So I sing you to sleep after the lovin'
       Gm                      Gm7
with a song I just wrote yesterday.
      Gm           Gm7           C
And I hope you can hear what the words and 
    C7            F
the music have to say.
C7      F                       Dm7          
It's so hard to explain all the things that I'm feelin'..
        Gm                     Gm7
face to face I just seem to go dry.
      Gm          Gm7           C
But I love you so much that the sound of your 
C7                F   F7
voice can make me high.

A#                F        A#      C           F
Thanks for takin' me, on a one—way trip to the sun.
Dm             Dm7     Dm6           Gm7 C7
And thanks for turnin' me into a someone.

C7    F                 Dm7
So, I sing you to sleep after the lovin' and
  Gm                            Gm7  Gm6
I brush back the hair from your eyes.
        Gm           Gm7        C
And the love on your face is so real that it
C7               A7
makes me want to cry.
      A#           A#7        A       A7       Dm
And I know that my song isn't sayin', anything new.
        A#        C       A#           C         F  Fdim F
Oh, but after the lovin', I'm still in love with you.

     #A        C       A#7          C         F
Yes, after the lovin', I'm still in love with you.(x2)

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.