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Misc Unsigned Bands — Equalizer - Sweet Mary Chords

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Song: Sweet Mary
Artist: Equalizer
Tabbed by: Liohn Sherer (liohn@sympatico.ca)

Heythere, all youse with the good music taste out there.
I love this song. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find the tabs,
or chords, or anything for it online. So I took it upon myself to figure it out,
well, myself. The only problem, though, is that I don't know how to play guitar.
Well, I started to teach myself at the end of August, and it's now early November.
Anyway, that was long and rambling, as I tend to do. Here's what I came up with
for Sweet Mary, and I think it's pretty accurate.
I can't tell you how to strum it properly. In fact, if you can figure out how,
please let me know. Thanks. Enjoy. Also, if there's any corrections, thank yous,
complaints, or anything of the sort, please let me know at my e—mail. thanks.
(I hope i did this right)

           G                  C9                  G               D
It was the year of our father nineteen hundred and seventy six in JA,
       Am                 C                 G                  D 
when I first met my Mary, quite contrary to what my mother did say.
Am         G                     C9                  G                D
She was a mountain girl come to Spanish town, I was only there for a while,
           Am                    C                G                      D
but when I think back on all the love we shared I just can't but help to smile.
         G              D       C9               G            D
We spent one whole long year together and at the end I had to go.
      Am            C                   G                  D 
By my Mary's side I wept and cried, I'd never been laid so low.
          G            D         C9             G                D
She said "Boy when you first met me you were as green as a mango tree
      Am                   C                      G                   D
oooo, now you are a man go back to your land, but first listen carefully"

        G                        C9 
you can smoke two pounds of cali herb by yourself
    G                    D
and try to stand on your head
          Am                      C
no matter how high you get you'll never forget
    G          D      G
the wonders of Mary's bed.

       G                      C9             G                   D
Now my Mary's sweet smell was in my nose and vision it robbed me blind.
         Am                   C                    G             D
And as I crossed the sea it occured to me that i'd left myself behind.
           G              C9                        G             D
She was my natural mystic sweet sugar plumb I still ask why did I go
              Am               C                     G                  D
They say your first loves your hardest love, and I'd have to say that's so.
           G                         C9
And it's a day and another day and a way and another way
      G                        D
Had a family once, but they're gone
             Am                         C
And it don't strike me as weird there's grey in my beard 
        G                  D
but the words still linger on.


The song continues like that, I'm not gonna bother tabbing the last verse,
you can figure it out yourself.
Except for the last line:

          Am                       C
You never know what you've got in this cruel world 
          G            D      G C9 G
until you realize it's gone.

320033   032033    000232    002210    032010

  G        C9        D         Am         C