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The Bachelors — Diane Chords

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Diane:The Bachelors.
#1 in UK & #10 in USA in '64.

       C7                    F7
I'm in heaven when I see you smile.
Dm        Gm Eb7  C7     F7
Smile for me......my Di..ane.

           C7                        Dm
And though everything's dark all the while,
      A   E    E7  A   A7
I can see you, Di..ane.

C7                                F7
You have lighted the road leading home.
Dm       Gm  Eb7 C7       F7
Pray for me......when you can.

       C7                Dm
But no matter wherever I roam.
G7        F7  F# C7   F
Smile for me, my Di...ane.(x2)

REPEAT #3 & #4.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.