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The Vanity Project — Glitterbug Chords

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This is a tune from the Vanity Project which is comprised of Steven Page of Barenaked
Ladies and Steven Duffy formerly of Duran Duran, currently of The Lillac Time 

capo 2
G 320033
D x00323
C x32033
Em7 022030
A7 x02020
Am xo2210
B7 x24242 or 021202
?dim x02320

       G             D         C 
Glitterbug with your mind everywhere

                 D          G
I'm anywhere you want me to be

          D             C 
Take your time but take care

                     D        Em7
For in the end we're all history

         A7      Am          B7              Em7     A7
Don't be shy let everyone or me at least inside

          Em7                         A7
You'll be fine; you'll be fine in the morning sunshine

Em7                          A7       ?dim     Bm   A  G
Fine you will find if you're mine you might be free

         Em7  C
We shall see

       G             D                C
Glitterbug with your eyes through the grey

                         D           G
There's something that I need you to say

          D       C
Could be "Hi, go away"

                 D          Em7
Or anything that makes it okay

         A7         Am           B7                    Em7  A7 
From the ground you are the only star that shines tonight

       Em7                          A7
If you go you must know that you'll shine forever

Em7                          A7    ?dim    Bm  A  G
Come if you're mine you will shine eternally

           Em7  C
Wait and see


glitter bug last verse
capo 2nd fret
tabbed by BNLFAN

From the bar   To the stars   Through the haze     Of a thousand wasted days
You must be tired you've burned so bright

                       So good night,    goodnight       glitterbug