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Wire — Dot Dash Chords

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Wire — Dot Dash

D                F#
Mist closing in, getting thicker
A                F#
One drops out, becoming quicker
D                F#
Lights grow dim, they glimmer
A                F#
The chances smaller, the odds are slimmer

E B A A      E B A A       E B A A
Dot dash..., dip flash..., don't crash...

Loosening my grip
Be sure to tread carefully
Steering a passage
Finding a line

D                F#
Cross to comply, crossply
D                F#
Progressive acceleration, skidding but the expression
D                F#
Remains pan, radiators for all
D                F#...
Radial, I'm still in control, I understand, a hand, a hand moved me...

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