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Wolf Biermann — Comandante Che Guevara Tab

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if (Math.floor(Math.random()*3) == 0){	document.write("");}	 																																													Comandante Che Guevara Tab									by Wolf Biermann tabs |											tabbed by pizzamampff | 									comments (1) 																																													1																							2																							3																							4																							5																																															  1 vote 								 																	 									print																																							 									send																																							 									report																																																																																																																																																																				Comandante Che Guevara Tabat 911Tabs.com																																																						 																																																																																																																																																																																												 																																																																																																																												+ to speed up (numpad)															— to slow down (numpad)															Esc to stop																												Help																																																																																																																																																											Comandante Che Guevara tab by Wolf Biermann, www.Ultimate—Guitar.Com																																													View Comandante Che Guevara tab on your iPhone or iPod Touch																																														Listen to Comandante Che Guevara																																														Add to favourites																																																																				Difficulty: intermediate																																																																																			tf_artist = "Wolf Biermann";											tf_song = "Comandante Che Guevara";																																																												this is an interpretation of the well—kown song

tabbed by braim

*cappo 3rd frt*


     Am        Em                        Am



              Am          E         Asus4   E

      C           G        F                E


"uns bleibt, was gut war und klar war"..

*You'll find the org version only at ultimate—guitar.com*

interlude(i was too lazy to tab the beginning)



     Am                         E
Uns bleibt, was gut war und klar war:
Am                       E
Dass man bei dir immer durchsah
Am                       G
und Liebe, Hass, doch nie Furcht sah
F                    E
comandante Ch